• Overview

    Bug Software Travel Platform is a modular solution designed to simplify your entry into the B2B/B2C market thus allowing to process and get on with constant improvement and real time in your outbound business. Complete solution online for B2B/B2C comes with Flight, Hotel Accommodation, Car Rental, Transfers, Cruises, Packages and Tour Packages.
  • Management

    Easy-to-integrate and ready-to-use APIs that allow you to build a web-optimized and mobile-friendly travel booking engine in a fraction of time, cost, and complexity. A comprehensive travel inventory management system that enables travel businesses to manage their inventory & operations, and selectively distribute their niche content to a wider audience.
  • Multiple Branches

    Bug Software Travel Platform Supports multiple branches and profit sharing calculation. Using multiple company branches and profit sharing calculation automates working procedures and increase business efficiency.
  • Multi Currency

    Supports multiple currencies and multiple exchanges rates set up for different markets, time periods or agents.

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