An XML Web Services integration is basically a connector that acts as a “translator” between travel agents, tour operators and DMCs and suppliers allowing different formats or languages ​​(usually XML) to be compatible. This way the information from a hotel provider, an airline, a car rental company, a railway company or a shipping company is available in the website of an online travel agency, even if they have the databases information differently structured.

All you need is an API Contract with the supplier(s) of your choice and we can easily integrate their XML WebsServices into our platform. This way you can aggregate content from multiple suppliers, add your own markups and sell them online through our booking engine.

Bug Software Travel Platform provides a unified XML API Interface where you can manage your entire third-party supplier inventory from a single window, rather than logging into multiple systems and shuffling through various screens to access live fares. This reduces your effort and helps you concentrate on selling more.

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