Bug Software Travel Platform B2B module strengthens the capability of Online Travel Agents, Tour Operators, DMCs, Consolidators and Travel Agents to distribute their travel products efficiently to other business partners or sub agents through an online B2B2C website. It generates opportunities for companies for going global; so no matter the business partners are within their region or outside, the system works always and allows other partners to make bookings from anywhere, anytime.

The system automates and streamlines business processes of a travel company giving complete control for managing its functions through a web browser access for creating sub agents and their logins, editing credit/cash limits, activating or deactivating users/agents/suppliers, tracking bookings/amendments/cancellations, changing mark-ups against supplier or agent, checking outstanding payments and evaluating Sales vs. Profit. On the other hand Sub Agents get flexibility of making online bookings and cancellations, checking productivity of its staff users, setting up own mark-ups for end customer bookings, tracking sales and view invoices/payments/outstanding.

Bug Software Travel Platform is connected with 100+ hotel suppliers, 50+ flight suppliers, suppliers for transfer & sightseeing, insurance, car rental and cruises.

Bug Software Travel Platform has built-in module for uploading their own direct hotel contracts, fleet of transfers and sightseeing allowing companies to offer better rates to other business partners and being competitive.

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