Bug Software Travel Platform provides an enterprise software solution for Destination Management Companies. We provide a comprehensive set of easily customizable business rules that adapt to the way you run your business. We offer support throughout the process cycle, right from sales to operations to staffing and accounting.


The Extranet is module dedicated to manage the direct contracts with travel services suppliers like: accommodation, transportations, tours and activities, etc…. It allows the travel professionals to upload custom products, which, on a later moment, can be marketed like individual offers or can be packed together with other services and sold like unique experiences.


When reservations are made inside the system, the back office takes care of all necessary tasks that usually should be processed manually by an operator. So, the client credit is checked and altered automatically, the financial documents are issued and linked to the reservation, the vital data like cancellation policies and charges are automatically calculated and posted inside the booking, the financial documents like invoices and credit or debit notes are generated and attached to services and all the notifications are dispatched by the system on email in respect to a set of custom made rules.


Bug Software Travel Platform strengthens the capability of Tour Operators, DMCs, Consolidators and Travel Agents to distribute their travel products efficiently to other business partners or sub agents through an online eCommerce B2B & B2C website portal. It generates opportunities for companies for going global; so no matter the business partners are within their region or outside, the system works always and allows other partners to make bookings from anywhere, anytime.

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