BugHotel Reservation System is an 100% web-based travel software system for hotels, tour operators, travel agents and bed banks that are focused on speed, product choice, pricing and sales. Load products, set margin rules, take bookings from a call center and send the client and supplier a notification of booking.

BugHotel Reservation System will do everything you have come to expect from a market-leading tour operating software solution:

  • Contracting a discount percentage special offer that only applies to the 3rd night stay
  • Multi Currency selling in the call center, on-line and via XML
  • Loading and selling an ‘under minimum night stay’ percentage supplement
  • Transfer contracting that can add supplements depending on the direction of the transfer
  • Gross contracts where commission can be vary down to special offer or supplement level
  • Live reports on last year’s sales, commission, margin and VAT in less than three seconds
  • View a complete record of all sales activity from within your Hero Dashboard
  • Clients receive personalized vouchers via email in PDF format, for easy viewing on their mobile device
  • Streamline the supplier payment process, with a simple weekly direct debit from your account.

Bug Software is a travel technology products and solutions provider that works with (B2B, B2C and B2B2C) travel companies across the globe and helps them enhance their online business. Since 1998, we offer our customers an ongoing commitment to quality and service, attending their needs in an ever-changing tourism market.

With the vision to build future-focused technology building blocks that solve key challenges in online travel business, we offer a versatile suite of cloud-based SaaS products, deciphering every aspect of customer and agent-facing booking engines, travel mid and back-office operation management systems. We provide travel agents, tour operators and ota’s with a customizable distribution travel platform to your particular requirements, giving you complete freedom of action for all the different sales distribution channels that you might wish to manage, such as Websites, Sales via XML connectivity to your clients, and mobile devices.

These are just a small number of the 100s of features that have made BugHotel Reservation System the industry standard in its field and the clear choice for those wanting an intelligent, easy to use and flexible tour operating system.

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