Distribute your own inventory to Agents and Sub Agents through XML OUT of your system. The system enables a travel company to link its own system with other technology provider systems. Simple settings can be made by administrator by defining XML credentials and setting markup for that respective sub agent.

Bug Software LLC is an online travel technology company, based in Miami, providing online travel platform, software solutions and professional technology services to leading companies in travel and tourism industry. Bug Software Travel Platform provides a unified XML API interface that includes all leading travel content providers (GDS, CRS, direct connects, wholesalers, and OTAs) to reduce the cost and time to market for travel booking engines.


ML Distribution System


ffer multiple suppliers in your system. We provide data in JSON as well as XML to be more flexible in our approach. While integrating from different suppliers would require different APIs, we have standardized this process and provide a standard interface to integrate all the suppliers.

The main function of XML Distribution System [Multi Supplier Platform] – is to allow you to sell your products through the platform to 3rd party agents and affiliates in B2B or B2C. A compliant online travel booking engine empowering B2B, B2C, and B2B2C businesses across the travel industry connected with over 80 travel inventory suppliers.


uy and Sell Inventory via XML Connections. We are partners with the biggest suppliers in the world. This gives your customers plenty of options to choose from, hotels, transfers, packages, flights, cruises or sightseeing. You also have the ability to cross-sell with full content, mark-ups and service fees. Our system is very reliable and scalable and can adapt to your business strategy allowing you to grow as much as you can.

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